Monday, 12 November 2012


Help!!! I need to find some..or at least some consistency!

Maybe it's post wedding/honeymoon blues or the weather but whatever it is it needs to shove off so I can get ahead! Despite the tone of the start of this latest post I had quite a good weekend, full, but very good!

I think Friday was the start of the weekend for me..I ran for the first time since the half marathon and it was really good to get out there and back in my park! Yes I did ignore the E-Coli risk notice which is still up..I briefly glanced at it as I jogged by and swiftly disregarded it! missing my favourite park!

So I flew off at a very eager pace using the pacemaster on runkeeper and feeling very good about beating my set pace with every mile I clocked. I was very surprised at my energy levels and the lightness in my legs having lived it well and truly up over the previous fortnight but it was a pleasant surprise and the only irritation that occurred was when I realised I needed the loo just going into the second mile! Yes, this is one of a runners problems and actually this is a recognised problem. Called runners trots if I remember rightly..(information, courtesy of womens running magazine) anyway, fortunately my route led me via the park bistro and my dignity was salvaged!!! Hey, I never said running was glamorous or this blog would be pretty but I can promise it will be honest!!!

Once I got back into my rudely interrupted stride I found I was grinning..from ear to ear..I love it, it's true! It was a revelation after the half marathon which in all honesty, hurt like hell and made me reconsider my motives etc...I think of long distance running a bit like childbirth..knowing at the's all worth it! The euphoria lasted for most of the day and I was raring to go on Saturday. I'm glad I had to focus on the kids and getting them to their new clubs. I might have been tempted otherwise to go out and run again as it was such a lovely sunny, crisp, calm day. However rest and repair is all important...I can't risk an injury.

My youngest, Tom has finally settled into a football club that suits him, he went off with his dad on Saturday chomping at the bit to get his little size 10 trainers on a ball and he returned with an enormous grin and as I assume is a requirement of playing footy in the winter, caked in mud!
My daughter, Ella enjoyed her new group too. Drama...and I pretty much reckon that's all I need to say about that one..smiles all round and happy parents, definitely joining the ranks of many other parents who have lost their weekends to football, drama, dance, swimming and so on and so forth!

Talking of football.....
On Saturday evening we went along as a family to watch Aston Villa v Manchester United. For the kids and I it was a first and for Ella and I will most probably be a last!
Tom absolutely loved it(see the above picture) despite being seated in the worst possible place in the stadium, surrounded by men...(using that word loosely) who seemed to be totally oblivious to the splattering of children in the vicinity!
I don't really know what I expected but the mums I spoke with afterwards looked horrified and oh live you learn!
The highlight of the evening Man U coming back to beat Villa 3-2 from 2-0 down..I was so sorry for the neanderthal Villa supporters surrounding me!
And so Saturday became Sunday and it took an entirely different tone..
Remembrance Sunday
We got ready as a family, Richard, Tom and I in our Sunday bests and Ella in full Beaver Uniform as she was to help represent her group at church.
I was a little disappointed with the low turnout to commemorate this very important occasion, however, we were there and I am very proud of my children who were extremely well behaved and respectful.
The service was as emotional as expected. We had all been given little bags of sand to pour out part way through to represent the many lives lost and as the grains of sand slipped out from the bag I felt again a rare moment of clarity, about what is really important and what life means to me.
The reading of the lives lost in our village and the playing of the final post and 2 minute silence which followed was extremely emotional and I wasn't the only person to shed a tear. Even Ella had a little weep and I thought it good that she absorbed what the service really meant. A little bit of real life doesn't hurt the young in my opinion, in fact I think it's very good for them.
Onto the memorial outside and viewing the names on the plaque reinforcing that young men died and are still sadly dying in wars in which they do not necessarily agree with.
It was good to see the kids smiling after a very sombre occasion. They had shown their ability to be mature at such a young age and I was very very proud.
Normal life resumed after the service but even in our daily lives

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Little by little..bit by bit

I'm slowly crawling back into a routine, accepting the workload which has to to be taken up and I'm intent on enjoying it rather than seeing it as a chore but first I need to get my blood test results before I go happily charging into training 4-5 times a week and high protein/low fat/carb eating programmes!

What you see above is a far cry from the view I'll be enjoying  in the weeks ahead and it's going to be a true test of endurance, strength and willpower to get all the way through without even a thought of abandoning this sometimes seemingly crazy challenge!
The beautiful scene above is me taking a moment to look out over the sea whilst on a guided cycling tour of Toulon..that was one week ago today and was infact my last specific planned excersise to date.
I feel like I've done a workout today, cleaning frenzy suddenly hit which in my world means I'm mentally prepared to start again, just getting moving is an achievement to begin with. I am going to test my legs later with a light run on the treadmill and some strength excersise with the medicine ball and dumbbells..nothing too vigorous...just a reintroduction to it all. My first real training session is not until Tuesday so I have more time to become mentally strong...believing you can is half the battle in the pursuit of full fitness...
I haven't time to go over the events of the last fortnight, besides, it's pretty irrelevant now in my mind as it's more important to focus on whats to enjoyable as it was, a holiday is a holiday and it's the day to day struggles and journey onwards to marathon day which is what the bulk of this blog was to follow.
How am I going to handle the trials and tribulations...?!! Little by little...and bit by bit...that's how!