Thursday, 8 November 2012

Little by little..bit by bit

I'm slowly crawling back into a routine, accepting the workload which has to to be taken up and I'm intent on enjoying it rather than seeing it as a chore but first I need to get my blood test results before I go happily charging into training 4-5 times a week and high protein/low fat/carb eating programmes!

What you see above is a far cry from the view I'll be enjoying  in the weeks ahead and it's going to be a true test of endurance, strength and willpower to get all the way through without even a thought of abandoning this sometimes seemingly crazy challenge!
The beautiful scene above is me taking a moment to look out over the sea whilst on a guided cycling tour of Toulon..that was one week ago today and was infact my last specific planned excersise to date.
I feel like I've done a workout today, cleaning frenzy suddenly hit which in my world means I'm mentally prepared to start again, just getting moving is an achievement to begin with. I am going to test my legs later with a light run on the treadmill and some strength excersise with the medicine ball and dumbbells..nothing too vigorous...just a reintroduction to it all. My first real training session is not until Tuesday so I have more time to become mentally strong...believing you can is half the battle in the pursuit of full fitness...
I haven't time to go over the events of the last fortnight, besides, it's pretty irrelevant now in my mind as it's more important to focus on whats to enjoyable as it was, a holiday is a holiday and it's the day to day struggles and journey onwards to marathon day which is what the bulk of this blog was to follow.
How am I going to handle the trials and tribulations...?!! Little by little...and bit by bit...that's how!



  1. It will be great to watch your progress, we are on the same track to first marathon mania :)

    1. Thanks Paul, I'm still trying to work out how to follow your blog!!! When is your marathon?

  2. Good to see the mind & body are ready again after the excesses of past weeks x