Friday, 26 October 2012

...New Shoes...

Normally a twitter post, facebook comment/status update or new blog post at 2.48am would mean a fairly drawn out piece of writing proclaiming how crap it is to be an insomnia sufferer... 
however...this type of overactive thought induced sleep deprivation...I can cope with! I am quite possibly overtired. It's been a very long day within which I could not have crammed  any more chores or activities if I had tried! Nail appointment, doctors appointment, a trip to Sutton Runner to buy the above beauties, a trip to the carwash, a trip to the pharmacy, the school run, a brief sweep of the house, feeding of urchins, halloween disco preparations, followed by attending of said disco with urchins in tow where I tried out my skills in the tuck shop..donning a very attractive blue rubber glove serving hoards of gruesome children (and I say that in the nicest possible way) with Freddy Frogs, and various other sugar loaded timebombs to send them into one very hot room of what I can only describe as mayhem, masked by disco lights!
And that's not disco.....herd urchins out into into the car, quick zip home..pick up dog, kids suitcase and other kid paraphernalia, then an hours trip to drop urchins and dog off at my mums for halfterm so I could then, drive back, pack a suitcase for myself to finally be able to crawl into bed awaiting for the alarm to go off at 4am and get up, ready to embark on a very exciting holiday/honeymoon in the form of a cruise!

There....has that made you tired?! No!

Well, that was my 'active rest day'!

A very important part of a training schedule, rest and recover whilst still being active. I think we can comfortably say I achieved that, so, normally today would be a training day and I would now be extremely pissed off to be sitting here at this ungodly hour typing away, however as already's holiday time! I'm relaxed, I'm going off leaving the UK when snow is beginning to hit many parts of the country so I couldn't feel any warmer's strange to have packed trackies and trainers for a honeymoon but training won't just stop for a week because I have a holiday, not for something which will be so intense. I think the enormity of the challenge at hand really dawned on me as I was driving home from Shropshire. I arrived at the point of turning onto the motorway and noticed it was exactly 26 miles to home which takes just under an car!!!
I didn't panic, I just got serious..a marathon deserves respect...I may joke along the way to keep my sanity but let there be no doubt that I am VERY focused, I am VERY serious and I am VERY determined!

With that said I will go and make use of my early waking and make sure the house is left in a reasonable state of affairs so walking back in feels homely and welcoming rather than like a huge big slap in the face of returning to reality!

Happy half-term holiday bloggers!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

26.2 Miles it begins, a journey into not quite the unknown but there is an uncertainty of how this is all going to pan out!

I'm nevertheless excited to begin this new adventure, I've got 6 months to train, it's a realistic amount of time to prepare for a full marathon. Isn't it?!!!

I suppose the first question I should answer or try to answer is why am I putting myself through such an ordeal! I say ordeal because I know that's how others view it, but I'm quite excited, not just about taking part in the run but the whole training process. I've been working with a personal trainer for the best part of 2012 but not for anything as major as a full marathon.

 So, the answer to the question?!

 No idea! It's just something I feel I need to do as much as want to. Maybe it's because I've been conversing with so many others who have caught the 'running bug!' Maybe it's because my neighbour competed a marathon this year and not just a marathon...'THE' marathon. The London Marathon...need I say more....

I do feel like I'm part of a special family withing the health/fitness/running community. I identify with the need to workout..for each individual there may be different reasons..for me it's very important for my mental health as much as a physical need/want.
I was not only proud to complete a half marathon on Sunday but I was extremely proud for doing it all by myself. Once I was dropped off at the venue, it was all up to me..and I got through it without any anxiety. Ofcourse I had some nervous butterflies, but I felt it was just a normal runners excited, nervous feeling rather than a building of illogical, irrational thoughts leading to full blown anxiety!

So today was decision day.. I AM taking part in the Manchester Marathon on 28th April. I have a cruise to look forward to beginning on Saturday to relax and not only enjoy myself, but to focus on the task ahead of me on my return. I have an appointment booked for a full health check with the nurse including blood tests to see exactly what my body is up to at the moment. I've been having some night sweats sporadically for a while now so a check wouldn't hurt even if I wasn't entering a marathon!
My first PT session since the half is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to resetting goals and changing up the training plan to accomodate my new goals which are to be at my best for the run ofcourse, including weight loss, stamina, strength and nutrition. It all needs to be considered!
Part of  the rest and repair process is to get enough sleep so I am actually going to leave it here..I guess this is day 1 and it's been great. It feels feels great actually...onwards to eating mean and getting lean!

Goodnight Bloggers!